The Benefits of Social Media Platfrorms

Social media can have a huge impact on your business more than you may even know; social media helps generate a huge amount of data about your customers. According to Llyods of London:

“Everyday there are over 500 million Tweets, 4.5 billion likes on Facebook, and 95 million photos and videos uploaded to instagram”

Imagine all of the active engagement your business is currently missing out on if you don’t have at least one of these platforms.

All social media platforms allow you to gain valuable customer insights, but not all are right for your business, and it’s important you are present on the platforms where your audience is likely to want to engage with you. Behind all of the millions of likes there is loads of information about your customers- who they are, what they like and more over how they feel about your brand. Being active and engaging daily through social media, you can gather resourceful information to make better business decisions. An example of a great tool to use is Hootsuite Insights; it allows you to gather information across social networks.

We have looked at five of the largest market players for business social media, which you need to use are entirely up to you.

Benefits of Facebook

Facebook is by far the largest social media site; it is still at the top when it comes to social media. Every business can benefit from having a powerful presence on social network sites. Companies can now get a glimpse of what people talk about and what they share across their platform. This is great when it comes to paid advertising.

Benefits of Instagram

Instagram is a fast-growing platform with an estimated 300 million users. Instagram is primarily focused on images, its great for reaching the younger audience, as they are more likely to respond to photos, giffs, and short videos.

Benefits of Twitter

Twitter is catching up to Facebook with a huge platform there are loads of advantages to Twitter with the ability to connect with influencers and to build up a following quickly it’s great for advertising your business with promotional tweets this is a great platform for every company working in digital media.

Benefits of LinkedIn

This is a great platform for networking and as a business you are able to reach out to others in your industry, this is a premier B2B platform and can be extremely powerful.

Benefits of Snapchat

Snapchat is the latest social site, popular for companies looking to reach a younger audience; soon snapchat will be releasing a new option for advertisers.

As a business it’s important to understand your audience so you know the types of platforms to use and what you should be posting, what your audience want to read and this will help to increase your brand awareness and loyalty, just being on social media, posting regularly, and connecting with new people / customers, you’re sure to increase customer retention.

I guess the moto is be present but try to be present in the right places. Take us for example, everything we do is very visual, we know that a large percentage of our target audience use Instagram, and they use if for both personal and business reasons, so it stands to reason most of our time on social engagement is focused around Instagram, but that may not be the strategy for you.

If you would like advice, or would like to make better decisions with your social media efforts, get in touch today

Good luck and be social.